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By Michael McCollum

After a century of conflict, humanity ultimately chanced on the Achilles heel of the Ryall, their xenophobic reptilian foe. Spica – Alpha Virginis – is the most important celebrity method in enemy area. it's the hub in which all Ryall starships needs to go, and if humanity can in basic terms seize and carry it, they're going to strangle the Ryall warfare computer and finish their probability to humankind forever.
It all appeared so basic within the desktop simulations: strengthen through stealth, assault by surprise, strike quickly with overwhelming energy. regrettably, conquering the Ryall proves the simple half. With the main to victory in hand, Richard and Bethany Drake realize that they have to additionally triumph over human nature in the event that they are to carry down the alien foe …

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Since they had arrived at the Spica-Darthan Foldpoint, all they could do was watch and wait, straining eyes and sensors into the blackness, waiting for the first sign of an enemy that was sure to come. Suddenly, a distant pinpoint of actinic light burst forth from the blackness. Sensors reacted and warnings sounded, only to be quickly silenced. ” The big compartment was too large for the collective sighs of the duty crew to be audible, but there was no mistaking the sudden slumping of shoulders as a dozen crewmen resumed breathing.

Alls hips, cease acceleration. ” Achille Poledoris felt his body surge into its restraints as drive-gravity evaporated around him. The next moment, his screens were enveloped in a glittering fog that quickly dissipated, save for an occasional sparkle on the screen as sunlight reflected off a random particle. The fog-and-clear cycle repeated a dozen times, until the sparkles were like a flock of fireflies around the ship. The phenomenon was caused by the release of tons of microscopic particles into the surrounding vacuum.

Mercury Diablobegan to accelerate erratically as the computer took over defense of the ship. Lasers flashed out invisibly in the vacuum, seeking out incoming missiles. Lasers are instantaneous weapons. If they can see a target, they can destroy it. Unfortunately, their effective range against armored missiles is damnably short. “Ready third volley,” she ordered when the missiles of both sides disappeared before they could reach their targets. The distance between the two ships was now down to 45 seconds travel time.

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