An Elementary Textbook of Psychoanalysis by Charles Brenner PDF

By Charles Brenner

This common advent to psycho-analysis has been completely revised to explain and refine the techniques offered, and new chapters were extra. finished and lucid, Dr. Brenner's quantity is the necessary orientation to the topic for either laymen and scholars.

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Whether the variations that do occur in the relative importance of the different sexual modalities are due to constitutional differences between one child and another, or whether they are due to the influence on the child of the environment, with its frustrations and seductions, is a question to which there is, as yet, no certain answer. Analysts tend to assume, with Freud, that in some cases constitutional factors are the more important, in others, environmental ones, while in most instances each set of factors contributes result (Freud, We have its share to the final 1905b).

In addition to these functions, there must be some psychic process in the young infant which corresponds to what we call an affect in later life. What such primitive affects, or predecessors of affects, might be is an interesting question wholly satisfactory. Finally, at some time or other in early infancy must come the most distinctly human ego activity of all: the first hesitation bethat still lacks an answer that tween impulse and action, the is first delay in discharge, which will subsequently develop into the immensely complex phe- nomenon which we All of these call ego thought (Rapaport, 195 1 functions— motor control, )- perception, THE PSYCHIC APPARATUS 39 memory, affects, thinking—begin, as we can see, in a primitive and preliminary way and develop only gradually as the infant grows.

Similarly the capacity for binocular vision necessarily depends on the existence of adequate neural mechanisms for conjugate eye movements and for the fusion of macular images. Such maturational factors clearly exert a profound effect on the speed and sequence of the development of the functions of the ego and the more we can learn about them from the developmental psychologist and others, the better. However, the particular direction of Freud's interest was toward the influence of experiential factors on ego development, although he was well aware of the fundamental importance of genie factors, and of the com- We plexity of the interaction ment which One sidered is between constitution and environ- so characteristic of psychic development.

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