Download PDF by R. Mildon (auth.), W. F. Raymond, P. Larvor (eds.): Alternative Uses for Agricultural Surpluses

By R. Mildon (auth.), W. F. Raymond, P. Larvor (eds.)

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Up until the last few years, the parallel growth of sugar production and its consumption as food has considerably limited the availability of these types of resources for other uses and more particularly as a source of raw material in the chemical industry. There are two phenomena affecting the end of this century which contest this existing 'order of things'. The continual and inescapable rise in the prices of crude oil which is linked to geopolitical constraints and to the growing difficulties of its exploitation necessitating a periodical re-evaluation of other sources of carbon substances.

Sodium gluconate has applications which are similar to those of the acid. Moreover, these molecules are able to sUbstitute for polyphosphates in their applications thereby reducing their harmful effects on the environment. The D-gluconic acid treated by an oxidoreduction system leads to the D-arabinose which is able to be isomerised into D-ribose. Other than the D-xylose, another way to have access to the pentoses, starting with the D-glucose, consists in an oxidation in the presence of platinum followed by a reduction of the acid formed.

9. 8 Spec. Gravity g/cm3 bar RVP 28 ... 65 30 ... 1 CH 30H as 88 C7 Hls Gasoline Ml00 (premium) (Winter) MON 'I, 'I, Unit RON CsH12 ~O Fig. 8. ~ 00 0 0 00 :';:\ 40 60 ~ 50 70 '- 00 80 90 100 Fig. 7. 92 Vegetable Oil Cetane Number Filtration Limit Kin. 750 g/ml % vol. Components ______ ______ -+__ ~ 15 10 ~ 20 Fig. 10. Oxygen Content of Oxygenated Gasoline COMPONENT % SOlUB I LI SER IGNITION IMPR. 5 Fig. 11. Alcohol/Diesel Blend Fuel Data 60 f=:=::-- k r----=::: ~ t---. :::... aJ ::E :::J Z w Z

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