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Alesis recommends 20 bit resolution unless you are certain that the tape will play back only on a Type I machine. If you need a 16-bit tape, you can always copy the 20-bit version to a 16-bit format. 4. 00 and continuing to the end of the tape. If the tape was not completely rewound, the LX20 automatically rewinds to the beginning before formatting. ADAT LX20 Reference Manual 29 Power-Up and Tape Formatting - Chapter 3 30 ADAT LX20 Reference Manual Chapter 3 - Power-Up and Tape Formatting RECORDING W HILE FORMATTING To record onto tape while formatting, before pressing the FORMAT button press the RECORD ENABLE button(s) 1–8 associated with the track(s) to be recorded.

Press PLAY to resume Play mode. The PLAY LED will remain lit while the FAST FWD LED will turn off. ① Alternatively, you can press STOP to stop the transport. Both the PLAY and FFWD LEDs will turn off, and the STOP LED will turn on. MONITORING Monitoring determines whether you’ll hear signals from the LX20 inputs, or from tape, through your mixer. There are three main monitor modes: Default, All Input, and Auto Input. DEFAULT M ODE With neither All Input nor Auto Input selected, record-enabling a track monitors the input signal.

This prevents gaps and/or noises when punching in and out of record. The Record Crossfade Time sets how long it takes for the audio to completely transition from the previous audio to the current audio when recording (crossfading always begins at the punch point). To adjust this time from 11 to 43 milliseconds: Action Advance to next crossfade time 48 You press… Press and hold the SET LOCATE button, then press RECORD You see… The TIME counter briefly shows the Fade time (11, 21, 32, or 43 milliseconds) • Faster crossfade times punch in and out more quickly, and are the best choice when the audio on tape is similar to the audio you are recording.

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