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60 minutes. com. False. In addition to Africa, a large number of older adults have also moved from Asia and Latin America. The ethnic makeup is changing because of these older immigrants plus the aging of immigrants who came to the United States as young adults (Himes, 2001). False. Women outnumber men at every age among older adults. In 2000, there were an estimated three women for every two men aged 65 or older, and the sex ratio is even more skewed among the oldest old. The preponderance of women in the older population reflects the higher death rates for men than women at every age.

Check the appropriate column to indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false. Instructions: Quiz Items True False 1. The ethnic makeup of elderly Americans is changing mainly because of the rapidly increasing number of older people who are moving to the United States from Africa to join their children. 2. Men outnumber women at every age among the older adults. 3. Those aged 65–74 represent the fastest growing segment of the elderly population. 4. The racial composition of the centenarian population is similar to that of all other older ages.

This category represents bicultural individuals. Some examples of bicultural individuals may be college students whose parents immigrated to the United States when their children were very young, some college and university professors, and some older adults brought up with a multicultural perspective. 1 and then answer the following questions. After completing your responses, discuss them with another person. Fill in the following blank: Cell B represents newly arrived immigrants who do not initiate much interaction with members of the host society but ethnic and cultural identity.

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