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By Bishnu S., Vladimir Cuperman and Allen Gersho, eds. Atal

Speech coding has been an ongoing region of study for a number of many years, but the extent of job and curiosity during this quarter has accelerated dramatically within the final a number of years. vital advances in algorithmic options for speech coding have lately emerged and perfect growth has been accomplished in generating top of the range speech at bit charges as little as 4.8 kb/s. even though the complexity of the more recent extra refined algorithms tremendously exceeds that of older tools (such as ADPCM), contemporary strong programmable sign processor chips permit quick expertise move from study to product improvement and allow many new comparatively cheap purposes of speech coding. particularly, low bit expense voice know-how is converging with the desires of the speedily evolving electronic telecom­ munication networks. The IEEE Workshop on Speech Coding for Telecommunications used to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, from September five to eight, 1989. the target of the workshop used to be to supply a discussion board for dialogue of contemporary advancements and destiny instructions in speech coding. The workshop attracted over one hundred thirty researchers from a number of international locations and its technical application integrated fifty one papers.

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ROBUST GAIN ADAPTATION We developed two gain adaptation algorithms which are separately described below. Which one is more suitable depends upon the application. Jayant Gain Adapter Our first gain adaptation algorithm is based on the generalization [17] of the robust Jayant quantizer [19,20] to vector quantization. Let cr(n) be the excitation gain at the vector time index n. Then, cr(n) is detennined as cr(n) =M(n-I)cr13 (n-I) , (4) where ~ is a leakage factor slightly less than unity, and the gain multiplier M(n-I) is a function of the excitation codevector yen-I) at time (n-I).

Signal Processing ASSP-29(5), pp. 1062-1066 (October 1981). 19. N. S. Jayant, "Adaptive quantization with a one word memory," Bell Syst. Tech. J. 52, pp. 1119-1144 (September 1973). 20. J. M. Wilkinson, "A robust adaptive quantizer," IEEE Trans. , pp. 1362-1365 (November 1975). 21. M. S. Atal, "Efficient procedures for finding the optimum innovation in stochastic coders," Proc. IEEE Int. Con! Acoust .. Speech. Signal Processing, pp. 2375-2379 (1986). 22. B. S. Jayant, "An algorithm for assigning binary indices to the codevectors of a multi-dimensional quantizer," Proc.

STOCHASTIC '_ GAIN _ _ EXCIrArlOll --- SYNTHESIS FILTER GAIN LATTICE C10DEBOOK -- Figure 2. 8 kbitls), will be discussed. However, we shall concentrate only on the more interesting case - the higher bit rate mode of operation. The next section details the principles and functional description of a 24 kbitls extended mode for LD-CELP coder, along with simulation results and complexity figures. 8 kbitls reduced mode is achieved by taking a proper half of the gain and the shape code books.

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