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Within the final decade the self-discipline of mycology has been considerably replaced through new learn applied sciences. particularly DNA-based instruments for the research of fungal taxonomy, sign transduction and legislation, and biosynthetic capability have sped up advances in mycological wisdom. This quantity provides a variety of interesting matters on uncomplicated and utilized points of fungal body structure and genetics.

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Academic Press, London and New York. Neville, A. C. (1963). Motor unit distribution of the dorsal longitudinal flight muscles in locusts. J. exp. Biol. 40, 123-136. Niedergerke, R. (1956). The potassium chloride contracture of the heart and its modification by calcium. J. Physiol. 134, 584-599. Orkand, R. K. (1962). The relation between membrane potential and contraction in single crayfish muscle fibres. J. Physiol. 161, 143-159. Pringle, J. W. S. (1939). The motor mechanism of the insect leg. J.

But the occurrence of an enzyme which catalyses a given reaction does not necessarily mean that the product of that reaction constitutes an important component of nitrogenous excretion. Many of the substances considered may have specific parts to play in the general metabolism of the insect, and this could account for the occurrence of the corresponding enzymes. It is only by an analysis of excretory material that the contribution of different metabolic pathways to the disposal of nitrogenous waste materials can be accurately evaluated.

Application of solutions containing strontium ions to calcium-depleted muscles depolarized by potassium chloride solution results in submaximal, phasic contractures;but successive$responses to depolarization decline in the continued absence of calcium 26 D . J . AIDLEY ions, suggesting that the small contractions mediated by strontium ions are brought about by a displacement of calcium ions from some intracellular store. Similar results have been obtained by Frank (1962) on frog toe muscles. C .

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