New PDF release: Advances in Cryptology — CRYPTO ’91: Proceedings

By M. Abadi, M. Burrows, B. Lampson, G. Plotkin (auth.), Joan Feigenbaum (eds.)

Crypto '91 used to be the 11th in a sequence of workshops on cryptology sponsoredby the foreign organization for Cryptologic study and was once held in Santa Barbara, California, in August 1991. This quantity features a complete paper or a longer summary for every of the 39 talks provided on the workshop. All theoretical and functional points of cryptology are represented, together with: protocol layout and research, combinatorics and authentication, mystery sharing and data conception, cryptanalysis, complexity idea, cryptographic schemas according to quantity conception, pseudorandomness, purposes and implementations, viruses, public-key cryptosystems, and electronic signatures.

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A sends k to B and they both know the answer a of the coin flip by applying the deciphering transformation D to u. 2 by K ( B , 1) = F ( B , 1) U V(l3,l) USV(B, 1): F ( B , l ) = { T , H } ; V(B,l) = {I}; S V ( B , l ) = {em;,ern;) where I E IC ; em;, ern; em; E { e ( i , T ) ,e(i, H)} # em;. 29 The representation of B’s knowledge has not changed a t the end of the second step and becomes at the end of the third step K ( B ,3) = F ( B , 3) U V ( B ,3) U S V ( B ,3): F ( B , 3 ) = {T, H,k]; V ( B ,3) = 0; S V ( B ,3) = 0.

A participant can also consider some instantiations of the variables of his state of knowledge: the obtained eet is then called a ‘state of belief’. 2 A state of belief compatible with a knowledge state K = F U V U S V C 3x C is a mazimal rcstricfion of K i o a one to one mapping (‘mazimal’ means here thaf there is no other tvsiriciion of K t o a one to one mapping including fhis state of belief). Even if the elements of V are represented, for simplicity, BS variables in the free-algebra, their free-algebra Components can be fixed whereas their crypt-algebra components vary.

BM84] M. Blum and S. Micah. How to Generate Cryptographically Strong Sequences of PseudGRandom Bits. SIA M Journal on Computing, 13(4):850-864, 1984. [Dam871 I. B . Damgard. The Application of Claw Free Functions an Cryptography; Unconditional Protection in Cryptographic Protocols. PhD thesis, Mathematical Institute, Aarhus University (Denmark), 1987. [E G S861 S. Even, 0. Goldreich, and A. Shamir. On the Security of Ping-Pong Protocols using the RSA. In H . C. Williams, editor, Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

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