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By Kevin Mackway-Jones

A CD Rom containing details at the medical administration of neonatal and paediatric emergencies. There are over 900 pages of administration together with greater than 500 medical photos, x rays, ECGs. additionally it is over one hundred twenty movies concerning youngsters experiencing emergency difficulties and receiving a variety of existence saving methods. Covers emergencies correct in either wealthy and terrible international locations. There are algorithms for the administration of emergencies all through, in addition to a formulary of emergency medicinal drugs.

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The safest airway intervention in these circumstances is jaw thrust without head tilt. Proper cervical spine control can only be achieved in such cases by a second rescuer maintaining in-line cervical stabilisation throughout. The finger sweep technique often recommended in adults should not be used in children. The child’s soft palate is easily damaged and bleeding from within the mouth can worsen the situation. Furthermore, foreign bodies may be forced further down the airway; they can become lodged below the vocal cords (vocal folds) and be even more difficult to remove.

For a tracheal tube size 3·0 mm the correct suction catheter is a French gauge 6. Cricothyroidotomy cannulae and ventilation systems Purpose-made cricothyroidotomy cannulae are available, usually in three sizes: 12-gauge for an adult, 14-gauge for a child, and 18-gauge for a baby. They are less liable to kinking than intravenous cannulae and have a flange for suturing or securing to the neck. In an emergency a 14-gauge intravenous cannula can be inserted through the cricothyroid membrane, and oxygen insufflated at 11/min/year of age to provide some oxygenation (but no ventilation).

An attempt to open the airway should be made using the head tilt/chin lift manoeuvre. The rescuer places the hand nearest to the child’s head on the forehead, and applies pressure to tilt the head back gently. The desirable degrees of tilt are: neutral in the infant and sniffing in the child. 4. 3. 4. Chin lift in children 23 BASIC LIFE SUPPORT The fingers of the other hand should then be placed under the chin and the chin should be lifted upwards. Care should be taken not to injure the soft tissue by gripping too hard.

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