Acidification in Finland by Ilkka Savolainen, Markus Tähtinen (auth.), Pekka Kauppi, Pia PDF

By Ilkka Savolainen, Markus Tähtinen (auth.), Pekka Kauppi, Pia Anttila, Kaarle Kenttämies (eds.)

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Ministry of Environment A:44, Government Printing Centre, Helsinki Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide Emission Scenarios for Finland 19 Jaanu K (1987) The possibilities and costs of reducing nitrogen emissions from energy production (in Finnish, abstract in English). Ministry of Trade and Industry D:127, Government Printing Centre, Helsinki Johansson M, Kiimiiri J, Pipatti R, Savolainen I, Tuovinen JP, Tiihtinen M (this volume) Development of an integrated model for the assessment of acidification in Finland Johansson M, Savolainen I, Tiihtinen M (1989) The Finnish integrated acidification model.

1986). Industry emits much less ammonia than does agriculture. The industrial emissions of ammonia in Finland are estimated to be about 1000 tons of nitrogen per year. According to the Ministry of the Environment, the largest local sources of industrial ammonia emission are in Uusikaupunki (about 400 tons nitrogen per year) and Kokkola and Oulu (each about 200 tons of nitrogen per year). Total Deposition of Ammonia Ammonia emissions in Europe contribute to the Finnish ammonia deposition. According to the latest estimates (Eliassen et al.

It includes the following projects: (1) acidification episodes climatology, (2) occurrence of ozone in Finland, and (3) transformation and deposition of gaseous and particulate pollutants over the Baltic Sea. Additionally, it includes a fourth project on the role of forest hydrocarbon emissions in ozone formation, carried out in cooperation with the University of Kuopio. The pollutants of interest here will be sulphur dioxide (S02)' ozone (03)' nitrogen dioxide (N0 2) and aerosol sulphate (aerSO;), as well as the main ions in precipitation and the pH.

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