Erin Hunter's A Hidden Enemy (Survivors, Book 2) PDF

By Erin Hunter

The time has come for canine to rule the wild.

In the aftermath of the massive Growl that destroyed their urban, Bella and the Leashed canine have ultimately settled within the wooded area the place there's lots of fresh water and prey. yet a fierce Pack of untamed canines has laid declare to the land, and their menacing Alpha will cease at not anything to make sure that it really is his alone.

Lucky has taught the Leashed canines a lot approximately survival due to the fact they misplaced their longpaws, and so they refuse to backpedal. Bella hatches an problematic plan to strength the enemy Pack away—a plan that facilities on Lucky's sly crafty and intelligence.

Though he nonetheless feels the pull of a Lone puppy existence, fortunate has the same opinion to assist, realizing that he can't depart his neighbors till they're secure. Now, fortunate could be established in additional methods than one—and his activities will threaten the survival of either Packs.

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