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Download e-book for iPad: The Annotated Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

The much-loved story learn via generations of youngsters, now annotated and with over one hundred beautiful illustrations. Frances Hodgson Burnett used to be well-known in her time for her grownup novels and her forays into kid's literature with Little Lord Fauntleroy and a bit Princess.

New PDF release: Skin Deep (Laura Blackstone, Book 1)

An exciting NEW city delusion sequence FROM the writer OF UNFALLEN lifeless AND UNQUIET goals. She'll have to sustain appearances-if she desires to remain alive. .. Being an secret agent has its occupational risks, yet Laura Blackstone makes it glance effortless. As a undercover agent for a fey intelligence organisation, she makes use of her magical skills to create disguises which are pores and skin deepglamours that must not ever be compromised.

Download e-book for kindle: Alien emergencies: a sector general omnibus by James White

The second one 3 volumes of James White's region normal SF saga, in one omnibus version. quarter common: an unlimited sanatorium complicated within the depths of outer house. The millions who paintings there, human and alien either, have a unmarried undertaking: To deal with all sufferers, of all species. At zone basic, something can happen-and often does.

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He entered pink cloudbanks of philosophy. "Hey, Martinez, you ever think about that stuff? " "I've thought about it, sure. " "Of course not. Didn't you see that documentary they were making all the uproar over, and suing NBC? No, that freezing doesn't stop anything, it just slows it down. They'll all just be so many little ice cubes eventually. " "But if science could find a way to ... Oh, I don't know. " "Are you thinking of putting money into one of those damned policies, Ab? For Christ's sake, I would have thought that you had more brains than that.

It was one of the scandals of the present administration that these little corpses should be left to rot where anyone walking by could see them. At last they came to the Met (so they couldn't have been going down Broadway, after all) and she mounted the crisp stone steps with dignity. A great crowd had gathered in anticipation—many of them the same Christians who had been clamoring for the destruction of the temple and its idols. Once inside, the noise and the stench disappeared, as though some obliging servant had whisked a rain-drenched cloak from her shoulders.

Since he was going in the direction of the Surgery to which the cart had been routed the traffic control 66 / THOMAS M. DISCH system did not correct him. Each time he inhaled he felt hundreds of tiny hypodermic darts penetrate his chest and puncture his lungs. " a doctor yelled. " Into another corridor, and there, as providentially as if he'd been programmed right to its door, was a staff toilet. The room was flooded with a calm blue light. He entered one of the stalls and pulled the door, an old door made of dark wood, shut behind him.

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